Want to shorten flow creation time by 90%?

September 9, 2021 Shannon Mahorney


Here’s a scenario we hope you don’t have to repeat.

A business user needs to set up a managed file transfer (MFT), but can’t do so without IT support. So she places a ticket. That means IT is spending time facilitating MFT instead of doing higher priority tasks.

That’s what happens when an MFT solution is so complex, only IT can use it.

Choosing an MFT solution with built-in self-service is a great way to eliminate this headache for good.

The newest systems can reduce the time to create and deploy new file transfer flows by 90%.

Learn more about the benefits of self-service in this one-pager. You’ll also get a peek at how a global financial services leader reduced onboarding time by 50% and gained $5 million in annual operation savings with Axway MFT.

Want to learn how we can help? Read the Axway Flow Manager data sheet.