Modernize MFT with intelligent self-service

Modern MFT that benefits your IT team and your business users

Intelligent self-service is a win for everyone. Business users no longer need to rely so heavily on IT. IT regains valuable time without relinquishing control. That’s what you get with Axway Managed File Transfer Suite -- modern, innovative MFT designed for the accelerating pace of business.

Axway MFT supports all file-transfer patterns between people, partners, businesses, and applications while keeping your files safe and compliant.

In addition to industry-leading SecureTransport and Transfer CFT file exchange gateways, the suite offers:

  • Self-service. Shorten the time it takes to create and deploy file transfer flows by up to 90 percent.
  • Predictive analytics. Spot managed file transfer anomalies in real time with operational intelligence.
  • Enhanced reliability and scalability. Develop a more robust MFT architecture with enterprise clustering and Managed Cloud Services.

Download the value driver to learn more.

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