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Customer Experience Networks for Aviation

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axway.com Customer experience networks for aviation How airlines can lift competitiveness and revenue in the connected age SOLUTION BRIEF Aviation companies must overcome a degree of market turbulence that few other industries are forced to encounter, sometimes on a daily basis: • Changing security, safety, and regulatory demands • Weather, natural disaster, and environmental impacts • Political unrest • Global petroleum prices • Falling ticket prices and rising ticket commoditization • Technology and infrastructure requirements • Greater service and price competitiveness • Soaring consumer expectations In today's digitally connected universe, a bad airline experience can go viral at warp speed. How do carriers successfully manage all these fluctuating variables and still create a customer experience that keeps them competitive and fills seats with more new and loyal flyers? That same digitally connected universe holds the answer. Unleash data to improve the customer experience Airline passengers expect to be constantly connected, well informed, and in control of their journey. Armed with digital devices, they can afford to be more demanding. As a result, carriers can no longer focus solely on ticket sales and leave other companies to fulfill ancillary needs such as lodging, car rental, entertainment, and other elements that make up the full travel experience. Instead they will have to collect and integrate customer data from all players in the aviation ecosystem in order to build a complete view of the traveler. With the New Distribution Capability (NDC) initiative by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), airlines can share crucial data among all those involved in the passenger's travel and provide a consistent, captivating customer experience. And with technologies such as web services and APIs, aviation companies can eliminate data silos, connect services and data, and personalize the customer experience before, during, and after departure and arrival. By abandoning the mindset of protecting data at all costs, airlines can build a customer experience (CX) network that combines the data generated from all players in the company's entire digital ecosystem and create an impressive travel experience that brings customers back.

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