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Perfect Order Fulfillment is Perfectly Doable

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Copyright © Axway 2020. All Rights Reserved. axway_WP_perfect_order_fulfillment_en_022520 Make perfect order fulfillment perfectly doable START HERE axway.com/digitalsupplychain axway.com The real world of perfect order fulfillment Eyewear lens manufacturer opts for holistic view of order fulfillment A made-to-order corrective lens provider has a presence in over 100 countries and its order fulfillment process spans multiple systems, global subsidiaries and manufacturing labs, any of which can be involved in a single order. Operations also included several third-party logistics providers. The company found itself struggling to meet its 72-hour, order-to-delivery service promise and its call center was taking too much time to answer order status inquiries. Plus, without end-to-end visibility across multiple systems, they received no notification of any developing problems and were unable to respond proactively to prevent a poor customer experience. With growing dissatisfaction among consumers, they lost revenue as well as their upscale image in the marketplace. Axway's real-time analytics gave the manufacturer a holistic view of its multi-system, multi-location order fulfillment processes. With real- time item tracking from customer request to delivery to opticians, and proactive monitoring of order status and emerging issues, they avoided missing SLAs and resolved problems faster. The company had a single view of all data collected across multiple systems as well as a historical record of all activity. Perfect order fulfillment achieved. Upscale standing saved. Retail chain stocks up on real- time visibility into order status Offering over 30,000 products to more than 800,000 customers a day in 600 stores worldwide, a major retailer needed reliable order fulfillment to avoid out-of-stock situations in-store and online. It means timely replenishment of items with just-in-time delivery, and real-time visibility into the status of each and every customer order. The company relied on many different IT systems to manage its outbound logistics, but as the company expanded, its IT ecosystem became more complex, and orders got lost in the shuffle without being noticed. The retailer started missing deadlines and falling short of customer expectations. Axway provided an analytics solution that interfaces with existing systems, enabling total oversight of outbound logistics — and supporting new digital sales channels — even as the company expands. End-to-end data flow monitoring over the entire order lifecycle means orders don't get lost. Predictive analytics send alerts when orders are blocked or incomplete, sparking rapid resolution of the problem based on financial impact. An audit trail captures order history, including how fast it moved through the system. Perfect order fulfillment according to the customer Reevaluating how you define perfect order fulfillment is the first step you can take in determining your customers' experience. By focusing on the customer perspective, you will understand that order fulfillment is not necessarily a linear progression, but a granular, multi-tiered, process that takes into account factors that might go unnoticed if you're looking solely through the lens of internal processes. Customers don't just want their request processed immediately and their order delivered on time. They want their order complete, accurate, intact and undamaged. Meet these expectations and you'll set the bar for a captivating, memorable customer experience that invites people back.

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