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Perfect Order Fulfillment is Perfectly Doable

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2 axway.com Customers demand perfection. Give it to them. A poor customer experience can disrupt the most well-thought-out business objectives and lead to significant losses in revenue. With the growing complexities of business operations, plus new and expanding channels of commerce, it's getting tougher to stick the landing on every order and guarantee a great customer experience. But by monitoring every variable in your supply chain equation — with end-to-end visibility and real-time analytics — you can achieve the granular, cause-and-effect insight that ensures perfect order fulfillment and a great customer experience every time. With access to a range of digital devices, channels and captivating apps, consumers have higher expectations for the customer experience — and the means to switch from you to someone else on a whim. Businesses that can't keep up with expectations lose out. What's more, dissatisfied customers often voice their grievances to the market through online reviews and social media. The issue has reached the top of executive-level agendas. As a result, they are focusing less on internal resource management and more on controlling external factors that directly influence their ability to assure perfect order fulfillment and, by extension, an experience that keeps customers coming back. Look at order fulfillment from the customer's perspective The quality of the customer experience — as measured in terms of order fulfillment — can be calculated using a variety of metrics and the language used to describe a satisfactory experience is often open to interpretation. From an internal enterprise perspective, "on-time delivery" may mean an order was either shipped on time or arrived on time or both. But it says nothing about whether the order was incomplete or not intact. In many cases, it's the external customer who makes that call and by then the damage is done.

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