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Becoming a Proactive Supply Chain Organization

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axway.com 6 Copyright © Axway 2017. All Rights Reserved. AXWAY_WP_BECOMING_PROACTIVE_SUPPLY_CHAIN_EN_032217 Conclusion Organizations are under increased pressure to make faster and smarter business decisions that enhance the customer experience. A real-time analytics and operational intelligence solution provides full visibility into what is happening now. It will identify potential opportunities and threats as well as assess the impact of decisions on client, regulatory and business obligations. By capitalizing on this valuable internal data, as well as the external data sources provided by a customer experience network of suppliers, partners, and developers, supply chain organizations can meet customer needs and stay competitive. The reactive culture prevalent in supply chain organizations undermines strategic goals, such as improvements in risk management, operational performance and customer experience. As today's digital transformation takes hold in every industry, enterprises are discovering new revenue and business opportunities. As a result, engagement with an expanding ecosystem of partners and consumers through APIs, mobile devices, and the Internet of Things is spawning new digital business models. In this context, you can no longer accept the traditional fix-on-failure approach to business operations. Transforming to become a more proactive organization begins with a focus on areas within the supply chain where proactivity will yield the most immediate benefits. Start by identifying which category of users you want to empower with actionable intelligence. Determine their operational objectives, and identify issues that are preventing them from meeting those objectives. This approach will enable you to determine which proactive actions/decisions these users most urgently need. Then, identify the sources of data that should be collected across the value chain in order to deliver the right level of actionable intelligence. Finally, choose an operational intelligence solution partner that understands today's supply chain challenges and has demonstrated expertise in the application integration technology that meets your company's specific goals. A successful initial implementation will not only deliver the broader, actionable visibility you seek today, but will help garner executive support for moving to the next level — achieving a truly agile and competitive supply chain operation that's always a step ahead of the game. Axway — your operational intelligence partner Axway is a catalyst for transformation. With Axway AMPLIFY™, our cloud-enabled data integration and engagement platform, leading brands can better anticipate, adapt and scale to meet ever-changing customer expectations. Our unified, API-first approach connects data from anywhere, fuels millions of apps and delivers real-time analytics to build customer experience networks. From idea to execution, we help make the future possible for more than 11,000 organizations in 100 countries. Line of business leaders — including supply chain leaders — look to Axway for real-time analytics and operational intelligence solutions that empower their organizations to become more proactive and competitive. Axway Decision Insight is a real-time analytics and operational intelligence tool that empowers executives and their operations teams to make faster, data-driven decisions, helping organizations optimize service levels, improve the customer experience and introduce new digital services. Dashboards and alerts provide full visibility into process status and notify users of threats and opportunities that require immediate action. axway.com/supplychain Want ultimate command and control of your supply chain? LEARN MORE How did Monoprix get so fast and accurate? FIND OUT Ready to be proactive? LEARN ABOUT DECISION INSIGHT

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