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2 axway.com Full partner integration: APIs and EDI, together Transportation and logistics operations need to accommodate thousands of partner and customer connections, each calling for specific communication standards and formats to be met, and varying levels of IT enablement to be reconciled. This makes on-boarding an administrative as well as technical challenge — necessitating days or weeks to process, and occupying numerous resources. APIs make quicker partner on-boarding possible. Secure EDI communications complemented by APIs meets both B2B and A2A (application to application) settings. The trick is to consolidate the integration and exchange environment into a single system that governs the flow of both EDI and API data transactions. Axway AMPLIFY B2B Integration and API Management solutions bring EDI and API together to provide fast partner on-boarding and wide protocol coverage to all partners, including those who cannot afford EDI, and in cases where EDI alone isn't enough, such as damaged item reporting and traceability. Success Story: DB Schenker HEADQUARTERS Essen, Germany INDUSTRY Transportation & Logistics CHALLENGE Provide fast, synchronous communications with customers, delivering web services over an API gateway that ensures high availability, airtight security and significantly reduced costs, in a solution from a trusted vendor. SOLUTION Axway AMPLIFY API Management RESULTS • Minimal cost for developing, deploying, operating and maintaining the API interfaces and web services, for a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) • High availability and scalability, enabling DB Schenker to meet its Platinum SLA, which guarantees 99.99% availability • Faster time to market through a synchronous connection with customers, rapid on-boarding of new customer connections, and swift development and deployment of gateway policies • Airtight security, through a secure front door for all of DB Schenker's web services, with full authentication capabilities and fine-tuned support for blocking service requests

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