7 Guidelines For a Winning Content Collaboration Platform

Simple file sharing is out. Collaboration is in. You need a content collaboration platform (CCP) that’s cloud-based and easy to use. One that’s totally secure, outsmarts cyber attacks and elevates productivity across your entire digital ecosystem. This content collaboration checklist highlights what to look for when searching for a CCP that will help your team grow. 

No. 1: Users really like it.

People won’t collaborate if the platform’s a pain. It has to be simple, intuitive and invisible. Anytime, anywhere access using a simple app is key. Ditch the VPN and other annoyances. You’ll reduce risk, put an end to shadow IT, and energize productivity.

No. 2: It meets GDPR, period.

Unless you have money to burn, choose a CCP that makes it easy to meet GDPR regulations. Find one with role-based security policies that let you control who has access to what, and when. It should integrate with major data loss prevention products, too.

No. 3: Hackers really dislike it

Ransomware is the cyber threat du jour. If you really want to tick perpetrators off, get a CCP that makes their efforts totally pointless. A platform that automatically replicates and easily restores your files means critical data is safe and you won’t be held hostage.

No. 4: It’s immune to cloud vendor lock-in.

The thought of moving files from your current cloud vendor to another solution shouldn’t make you ill. Avoid it by selecting a CCP that is independent from storage choice, whether it’s cloud managed, on-premises, or hybrid. It’s less disruptive and increases agility. 

No. 5: It thrives in the outside world.

You can’t really collaborate without being able to safely share files with external partners. A secure, user-friendly platform offers frictionless external onboarding, trust controls based on specific partners, and DLP controls to prevent accidental or malicious sharing.

No. 6: It supports machine collaboration.

People need to be able to interact with automated apps, systems and devices. Your CCP should, too. A platform that allows advanced file routing, automated integration with legacy apps, and API integration with popular cloud apps, boosts efficiency and adoption.

No. 7: It includes a customer success program.

Users and IT teams need help understanding the CCP features, starting with a review of infrastructure, security requirements and criteria for success. Look for a CCP provider that offers a program to promote adoption of their solution and ways to monitor how it is performing.

*Download this content collaboration platform checklist as a pdf 

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