Bpifrance chooses Axway Managed Cloud Services

Bpifrance is the French public investment bank, responsible for supporting entrepreneurs and keeping the French economy innovative and competitive. The organization finances sustainable and responsible growth and supports research and development initiatives.

In response to Covid-19, the French government knew it needed to react fast to safeguard jobs and shore up the economy against the financial impact of the coming lockdowns. The government instituted the Prêt garanti par l’Etat (PGE), a state-backed loan for enterprises, and earmarked a fund of up to EUR 300 billion for emergency interest-free loans of up to three months’ revenue.

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For the IRS, hidden overseas holdings are fair game
For the IRS, hidden overseas holdings are fair game

With external collaboration made possible by Axway, the Internal Revenue Service recovers $8.7B in lost tax...