Amplify Streams. Bring event-driven architecture to your applications.

Your customers need information now. Give it to them.
Every second, businesses receive new information that can drive decisions:
a shipment has reached port, a stock’s price has changed, or an insurance
claim is ready for review. Your users need that information as soon as it’s
available. A successful company, initiative, or product often depends on it.

The key is to make sure your customers receive new information proactively.
They shouldn’t have to constantly poll your API infrastructure to get it. By
adopting an event-driven architecture (EDA) with Amplify Streams, you can
give them the best user experience and proactively keep them up-to-date
on the critical information they need to make the right business decisions.

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Move data in real-time with Amplify Streams
Move data in real-time with Amplify Streams

Amplify Streams enables you to augment your existing API infrastructure with an event-driven layer.

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